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The real-time strategy (RTS) game genre is usually populated with only few really good games. They had their best moments in the gaming industry during the time when multiplayer through local area network (LAN) connection was still the popular mode of playing with or against other gamers. Whenever a new and touted RTS game is released, fans of the genre usually get rushed with excitement that comes from both nostalgia and great expectation. Etherium is a video game that tries to revive that excitement from RTS fans. Etherium was developed by Tindalos Interactive and released by Focus Home Interactive through Steam for the Microsoft Windows in March 25, 2015. The game’s aesthetics and visuals are futuristic, similar to the Starcraft series, so players can expect to see a lot of advanced weaponry instead of modern arsenals. The game is not exactly on par with the more popular RTS games around, but it does well enough to stand out on its own to warrant getting a gamekey for.

Etherium plays out like any normal RTS game where players build structures using resources that are gathered around the map, train and deploy units for combat, and head over to the enemy base to lay waste to everything within sight. However, Etherium has one feature that makes things interesting in the battlefield: weather. The game maps are played out on the different planets in the game, with each planet having specific weather conditions that players must adapt to, like having snow and hurricanes that affects the units out in the field. So, not only players must strategize using their units, they must also strategize around the weather condition itself for them to take victory. Etherium is a game that is best played with friends instead of strangers online, so get the game now and bust out a LAN party for a fun and nostalgic time!

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