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Role-playing games (RPG) are commonly regarded as slow-paced and boring due to the nature of how the game is played. The gameplay involves a lot of running around, exploring different places, talking to a lot of non-playable characters (NPC), and generally involves a lot of reading texts. And that boring and text-heavy aspect that usually defines an RPG is also what makes it a fulfilling experience, especially for those who love to read books and have a great imagination. Role-playing games allows players to be immersed in the story and the setting of the game (usually a fantasy world), with the gameplay or combat mechanics just the secondary draw. The RPG genre has evolved quite a lot since the first Final Fantasy (regarded as the one that popularized the genre); from the graphics to the gameplay elements, everything has been revolutionized. Evoland is a game that allows players to experience the evolution of the RPG genre, starting from the 2D and pixilated era. The game was developed and released by Shiro Games initially for the Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms on April 2013, and would later receive Android, iOS, and Linux versions later in 2015.

The concept of Evoland is quite unique and not usually seen in the gaming industry. The gameplay is like any role-playing game, but the way the player experience that is what makes it truly amazing. The game starts out as a classic 2D game, like the aforementioned first Final Fantasy game, and as players advance through the game, they can unlock new graphics and gameplay elements parallel to the real advancement of the RPG genre until they reach the current era of high-definition graphics. Players will feel like they are in a time machine and taking a stroll along RPG history lane as they play Evoland. For followers of the RPG genre, Evoland is a must-have game and definitely worth getting a gamekey for!

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