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Farming simulation is one of the more addicting genres in the video game industry, with the Harvest Moon series and the online game Farmville being the popularly known games. The Harvest Moon series is distinctively different in the genre because it still features a story and even has life simulation and a bit of role-playing game (RPG) elements thrown into the gameplay. Whereas Farmville is known mostly because of its socializing nature due to it being primarily played through Facebook. However, if players want to truly experience farming in a video game, then Farming Simulator 15 is the game that they should start comparing gamekeys for here at Game-Key-Fox. Farming Simulator 15 is, as explicitly stated in the game title, a farming simulation game which was developed by Giants Software and released by Focus Home Interactive on October 30, 2014 for the Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms.

Farming Simulator 15 places the player in the shoes of a farmer with the primary goal of expanding the farm they start with. The source of the player’s income mostly depends on planting seeds, harvesting the crops that grow out of it, and then selling them. Farming Simulator 15 also allows the player to purchase or breed livestock such as chicken and cows, and then also sell the products that they produce (e.g. eggs and milk). With the income that the player accumulates, they can use it to expand their field and upgrade their farming equipment in order to be more efficient with the farming processes. Farming Simulator 15 also offers missions to players that generally have them completing a farm task within a set amount of time. If you enjoy the addicting and planning-based nature of farming simulation games, or just generally love farming, then Farming Simulator 15 is definitely a must-have game for you!

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