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There are two sides to football (and any other sport, for that matter): the players’ side and the management side. The players’ side is where all the excitement and fun is, since they are the ones that actually strut out on the field and play the game. The players are the ones that execute plays and interact with the crowd and generally do the things that are visible to the fans. The management side, on the contrary, is where all the calculations, planning, scouting, and all the other deemed boring stuff happens. Managing a football club is not as easy as it looks. Sure, team executives look cool in their suits and generally have an air of authority surrounding them. But in reality, managing a football club is every bit stressful and physically-draining as playing in the field. Luckily for those who aspire to one day manage their own football club, Football Manager 2015 is just a gamekey away.

Football Manager 2015 is a simulation game developed by Sports Interactive and released by Sega in November 2014 for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms. Football Manager 2015 is more of an in-depth football simulation game with fewer fireworks, compared to the more mainstream FIFA series. The game tackles more of the micromanagement side of football, the scouting of players, and all the other things that happen behind the curtains. Football Manager 2015 does not focus much on the visuals and graphics of the game; it instead prioritizes on the addicting core gameplay of managing a football club. Also new to the Football Manager series is the option for players to stream their matches via Twitch, a good way to show off those team management skills. Get a taste of what managing a football club is like by grabbing a copy of Football Manager 2015 now!

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