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Forced is an action role-playing game developed by BetaDwarf Entertainment, an independent video game development company based in Denmark, and was released through Steam on October 2013 for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and Nintendo Wii U platforms. The game was initially developed by students in a university and, after being removed from school, campaigned for the game successfully through Kickstarter. Forced was eventually released to positive reviews (even garnering game awards in its native country) and was especially noted for its almost unforgiving difficulty that required players to literally call for help from their friends to join them in cooperative multiplayer. The story of the game is not fully developed, but who needs it when players are busy fighting for their lives, survival style!

Like most action role-playing games, Forced gives the player the chance to pick a character from the available classes at the beginning. Each class is represented by a weapon (bow, hammer, knives, and shield) and carries a distinct fighting style for players to strategize around. Each class has their own set of abilities, both active and passive, that players can utilize during combat. These abilities can be customized either according to the player’s preferences during single-player or in accordance to the abilities of the other team members during cooperative play. In some games, single-player mode is much easier since players don’t have to take into account other people when planning or strategizing for combat. Forced, however, is best played with friends to share the burden with. Cooperative multiplayer allows players to share tasks and allows players to lessen the workload they are covering. Compare gamekeys for Forced here at Game-Key-Fox, grab the best bargain, and immediately call your friends over for a weekend of cursing and shouting instructions, all in the name of beating the gauntlets of the game!

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