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One of the things that get players to stay hooked on a specific video game is if the game has a lot of replay value. Whether the replay value is achieved through branching storylines, multiple endings, addicting multiplayer mode, or simply has an open-ended structure with no real goals and objectives. Open-ended games allows players to just play the game however they want without worrying about clearing missions or completing other in-game duties. Some open-ended games don’t even have a real story aside from the game’s usually generic premise. Garry’s Mod is an example of a video game with no real objectives and missions. Don’t be fooled by the game title, it is actually a full game but it started out as a mod for Half Life 2. Garry’s Mod was developed by Facepunch Studios, an independent video game development company based in England, and was released originally as a mod on December 2004 and later as a standalone game on November 2006. The game is distributed through Steam for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms.

Garry’s Mod is a puzzle game that uses real physics in its game mechanics, similar to Angry Birds and World of Goo. In the game, players have access to two guns (The Physics Gun and The Tool Gun) that they can use to manipulate the objects in the game to build structures that follows the rules of physics. Players can just build whatever contraptions they want in the game without worrying about anything else. Garry’s Mod is also open to modding to players. Yes, it may sound weird: a mod for a game that was originally a mod. There are several popular mods available that can make things more fun for players, giving Garry’s Mod even more replay value. Compare gamekeys for Garry’s Mod here at Game-Key-Fox and take the best available price!

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