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Video games that feature a zombie apocalypse scenario usually have a very clear-cut premise: players must survive by killing as many zombies as they can by using whatever weaponry or object they can get their hands on. It is a simple and straightforward goal: kill or be killed. The same goes for games that features player versus player battles, with the zombies acting as an additional third party that goes after both opposing sides. H1Z1 is an upcoming game that also features a zombie apocalypse, but has a different gameplay premise that players are accustomed to. H1Z1 is currently being developed by Daybreak Game Company and is due for release on the Microsoft Windows and Sony PlayStation 4 platforms. An Early Access version of the game was released in January 15, 2015 to help in further funding the game towards its completion. And judging by the sales of its Early Access release, players can hope that the game will eventually be released in full and free of technical issues.

As mentioned before, H1Z1 has a different approach to the gameplay of video games in a zombie apocalypse setting. In H1Z1, players must survive the game by relying on teamwork with other players in trading and building shelters for survival, instead of relying on the usual firepower. In essence, H1Z1 touches upon the other side of a zombie apocalypse scenario, where players must rely on the interaction with other people, or players, in order to survive. Fans of zombie apocalypse survival games will certainly have a refreshing experience with H1Z1 as they rely on other players for supplies instead of cover fire and other warfare tactics to survive the game. H1Z1 is a promising game in the survival genre that will surely be a hit when it is finally released. Be one of those that will grab a copy of the game upon release, and look no further than here at Game-Key-Fox when securing the best-priced gamekey for H1Z1.

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