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Never has a game series made an impact in the first-person shooter genre than the Half-Life video game series. Although it only currently consists of two main games, the series made such a contribution to the genre that most first-person shooter games released thereafter were based on the design and gameplay of the two critically acclaimed Half-Life games. The Half-Life series were such a hit that an entirely new franchise was born out of it by way of modding, which is the popular Counter-Strike video game series. The second game in the Half-Life series, Half-Life 2, was released in November 16, 2004 and continues the story of its predecessor. The player controls the main character, Gordon Freeman, as he follows the events that transpired after the story of the first game. Half-Life 2 is also noted for being the first game to fully utilize the Steam service which is also handled by Valve Corporation, the game’s developer.

Half-Life 2 was praised for almost all of its aspects: graphics, story, sound, gameplay, etc. The gameplay of the game is similar to its predecessor where players control the main character in a first-person perspective as they progress through the game’s smoothly flowing story, without any interruptions from those lengthy cut-scenes. The puzzles in the game feature very accurate physics, prevalent in the entire game and also one of the game’s strengths, that makes players fully utilize the environment and the objects around them. There are also numerous optional areas or side-quests that players can choose to pursue if they ever want to take a break from the game’s linear structure; the game gives players great incentives and rewards for exploring those optional areas. Half-Life 2 is a genre-changing type of game that has its influences apparent even in today’s first-person shooter games, years after the initial release. It is never too late to experience this gem of a game, so compare gamekeys for Half-Life 2 here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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