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The thing about racing simulation and flight simulation video games, or any game that has players taking control of any kind of vehicle for that matter, is that the machines that are offered to players are pre-designed. For example, in racing simulations, the vehicles are already based on real-life cars and only allow players to give modifications or customize them. There has never been a game where the players can actually build any kind of vehicle from scratch with complete creative freedom. Well, not until Homebrew – Vehicle Sandbox came into the picture. Homebrew – Vehicle Sandbox is a vehicle building simulation game currently under development and is available as an Early Access game on Steam as of November 14, 2014. The reviews for the Early Access of Homebrew – Vehicle Sandbox have been mostly positive, giving players positive hope that the game will be eventually released as a full game.

The gameplay of Homebrew – Vehicle Sandbox is pretty simple and straightforward: just build vehicles. Players can build whatever vehicle they can think of, with only their imagination as the limit. Players have an assortment of resources and tools that they can utilize in order to have their dream vehicles come to life. Horse-looking helicopters, jet fighters that have wings resembling the X-Wings from Star Wars, a truck that has twenty wheels, or even a potato-looking vehicle, the types of vehicles that players can build is endless! Of course, players can also control their creations around the game world. They can try out the products of their creativity with no goals or objectives to worry about accomplishing. Homebrew – Vehicle Sandbox is the perfect game that will let players realize their vehicle-building aspirations. Support the development of the game by grabbing an Early Access version of Homebrew – Vehicle Sandbox, compare gamekeys here at Game-Key-Fox and get an early look at this truly creative game!

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