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In video games, causing havoc and chaos is usually just a backdrop. They are usually the involuntary result of players whenever they are in a big fight in the game, with the environment or objects around them falling apart as the action ensues. But, what if the player is actually rewarded for creating chaos in the game and is the game’s main theme? Well, Just Cause 2 is exactly that kind of game, with its game title already giving a subtle hint depending on the interpretation. The follow-up to 2006’s Just Cause, this second installment in the Just Cause series was developed by Avalanche Studios and released in 2010 for the Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Xbox 360 platforms. Just Cause 2 was also met with positive reviews and continues the story of the previous game that follows the main protagonist, Rico Rodriguez.

The gameplay of Just Cause 2 revolves around the player navigating around the game’s open world, set in a Southeast Asian fictional island, and progress through the game in a non-linear structure by gaining Chaos. Chaos is gained by performing different actions like destroying properties of the island’s oppressive government and generally completing agency missions. The arsenal available to the player, both firearms and vehicles, starts out in limited supply. But as players gain more Chaos, they can have access to a black market supplier to beef up their collection of weapons and equipment. One of the most notable features of Just Cause 2 is the player’s use of a grappling hook and a parachute to navigate around. Players can use the two items separately or in conjunction with each other. Just Cause 2 will certainly make players feel like action stars with its brand of gameplay! Compare gamekeys for Just Cause 2 here at Game-Key-Fox and start your adventure in the island of Panau!

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