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Just Cause 3 is the third game in the action-adventure video game series, Just Cause, currently being developed by Avalanche Studios and will be released by Square Enix. It is due for release on December 2015 for multiple platforms and will be the follow up to Just Cause 2 released back in 2010. The wait for the sequel will be worth the wait as the game promises to improve on every aspect of its predecessors while bringing in new features for the players to experience. As is with its predecessors, Just Cause 3 will be set in a tropical island, making the sceneries vibrant and colorful as ever for the players to take in. The graphics of the game promises to be an eye-candy that will allow players to fully appreciate every detail in the sceneries. And just like its predecessors, much of the game promises to be on the humor side of things, but the developers has claimed that it will be more serious compared to the previous games in the series.

Just Cause 3, being an open world game, allows the player to have free reign on how they want to play the game. Although there are missions to accomplish in order to advance the story and eventually finish the game, the player can control the main character into doing whatever they want in the tropical island. There are now more ways for the player to create chaos (a main theme in the series) and wreck havoc on the island; the player can pretty much try to blow up every structure they come across at the cost of attracting too much attention. The game also allows the main character to ride in different vehicles like tanks and planes, making the players feel like they are playing an action star from the movies. If you are looking for a new action-adventure game that is set in a tropical location instead of modern metropolitans or futuristic cities, then Just Cause 3 is the perfect game for you to get a gamekey for.

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