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The space programs of countries today are mostly relegated to sending unmanned drones into space to collect data and reach places where a human-piloted spacecraft can’t. It’s a logical choice since, with the Earth’s current technology, it would be dangerous to send someone into deep space without fully knowing what is out there or what’s it like out there. For people who don’t work at the space industry like NASA or don’t closely follow space exploration news, the process of space exploration is largely unknown. Kerbal Space Program is a simulation video game, developed and published by Squad, which can help shed light into people how space exploration pushes through starting from the construction of the spacecraft itself. Initially released for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms, Kerbal Space Program allows players to build spacecrafts and use them to explore the different planets and moons in the game.

Although the physics of Kerbal Space Program is not perfect, it is accurate enough in displaying orbital mechanics that even NASA itself has shown interest in the game. In the game, players control a race of funny-looking green-skinned little men on the fictional planet of Kerbin. The Kerbin’s have a fully functional spaceport that can be utilized to build spacecrafts and launch them into space. The survivability of the spacecraft that the players have constructed depends on the materials and design they have used. Just because Kerbal Space Program is a video game does not mean that flying into space is like a walk in the park; it’s called a space flight simulation for a reason. Players can land on any of the planets and moons in the game, they can even re-enact the accomplishments of past space programs. Kerbal Space Program is an excellent and creative game that is worth checking out, evidenced by its positive reviews from critics, so compare gamekeys for Kerbal Space Program here at Game-Key-Fox now and get ready to blast those rocket engines!

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