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Killing Floor is a single-player and multiplayer survival first-person shooter game that feature, you guessed it, zombies as the targets. Killing Floor was originally a mod for Unreal Tournament 2004 by Shatterline Productions but was later developed into a full standalone game by Tripwire Interactive and was released on May 14, 2009 initially for the Microsoft Windows. Killing Floor would later be released for the OS X and Linux platforms 2010 and 2012, respectively. Further proving that zombie-themed video games are all the rage today, Killing Floor went on to produce major sales through Steam in addition to it garnering positive reviews from critics.

Killing Floor offers the same type of gameplay element found in other zombie-themed video games where the player or players must survive hordes and heaps of zombies that are lusting for their lives. Killing Floor differentiates itself from other games in the genre by offering the thing that most players look for in zombie-themed video games: the chance to kill waves upon waves of zombies. As in, that’s the only thing that Killing Floor’s gameplay is centered around. No story (which players usually ignore anyway in these types of games), no quests, no fortress building: just outright kill the waves of zombies that the game throws around. After each wave and before the next wave starts, players have the option to buy or sell weapons, armor, and other equipment to a trader that spawns in a random location on the map. In multiplayer mode, players are encouraged to look out for the well-being of their teammates and not just rely on them for cover fire or protection. This is because as long as one team member is alive throughout the current round, the other dead team members can re-enter the game the following round; otherwise, the team restarts from the first round of the game. If you are looking for a zombie-themed video game that allows you to release rage by taking it out on tons of zombies, then start by comparing gamekeys for Killing Floor here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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