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The Left 4 Dead survival horror video game series, currently consisting of two installments, is one of the more popular zombie-themed first-person shooter games around due in large part to Valve Corporation’s attachment to it. The second game in the series, Left 4 Dead 2, was developed shortly after the release of the first game and would later be launched on November 2009 initially for the Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Xbox 360. Left 4 Dead 2 would later be available on Steam for the OS X and Linux platforms in September 2010 and July 2013, respectively. During pre-release, the game was met with raised eyebrows due to the controversy with its graphic content, but the negative reactions would later dissipate upon release of the game and it instead garnered critical acclaim from video game critics.

With so many first-person survival horror video games today that feature zombies in the spotlight, it is only natural to ask what makes Left 4 Dead 2 different from all of them. The premise of Left 4 Dead 2 might already sound familiar to players: a group of people who survived a pandemic must fight their way through hordes of zombies (called in-game as The Infected) until they reach a safe area or be rescued. The gameplay of Left 4 Dead 2, which involves players utilizing different firearms and melee weapons to kill the Infected, might also get a been-there-done-that type of reaction from players. The difference-maker for this game is its Realism Mode, a sort of Hard Mode that makes the game a bit more realistic. An example of this is that items in the game will only glow when the player is almost-intimately near it, forcing the player to scavenge the map more carefully. The Realism Mode is designed to further promote cooperation between players during multiplayer. Be challenged with the Realism Mode of Left 4 Dead 2; compare gamekeys for it here at Game-Key-Fox and start practicing screaming instructions to your teammates!

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