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Life is Feudal is an upcoming sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in a medieval setting that is slated to be released on a beta version in the Spring or Summer of 2016, barring any drastic setbacks in its development. Life is Feudal is being developed by Bitbox Ltd., and is currently available on Steam as an Early Access game in its single-player mode, titled a bit differently as Life is Feudal: Your Own to indicate that it is not yet the MMORPG that it is intended to eventually be. Being a sandbox game, it has a vast game world that players can explore and generally do whatever they want. The setting of the game is an engaging mix of being realistic (the medieval setting and aesthetics) and fictional (the lore) that will surely captivate players who love games set in the Middle Ages.

Life is Feudal gives the players free reign in shaping up their lands. Players are not restricted to just building structures above ground, however; they can also construct underground facilities like tunnels and mines. The game also introduces a deep crafting system to create items by utilizing forms like forging and alchemy. Life is Feudal also eliminates the thing that players despise in role-playing games: grinding. This time-consuming ordeal is not entirely necessary in Life is Feudal because gaining skill levels to reach their full potential is relatively easy, and maxing their levels will not provide any more advantages other than bragging rights. To counter the unnecessary need for grinding, the game features a combat system that has no targeting mechanism like auto-lock. This feature may put off some players that are used to clicking away during combat, but with a little practice they will surely get the hang of it in no time at all! Support the development of this game by purchasing its Early Access version; compare gamekeys for Life is Feudal here at Game-Key-Fox both for the Early Access and its eventual full release!

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