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Lords of the Fallen, a 2014 game title developed by Deck13 Interactive and CI Games, is an action role-playing game (Action RPG) that bears similarities to the Dark Souls games in regard to its gameplay and dark theme. Now, before you shy away from this game because of its noted similarity to the Dark Souls games, Lords of the Fallen differentiates itself from the popular unforgiving and merciless series by being relatively easier to conquer. So, players don’t have to worry about having nightmares and sleepless nights just because they can’t get through a single enemy in the game; some might even find Lords of the Fallen too easy if they were one of those battle-hardened players who got through Dark Souls and Dark Souls II beforehand.

At the start of Lords of the Fallen, players can customize the combat style of the main character, Harkyn, to fit their preferences. They can customize Harkyn into a pure warrior if they want a powerhouse that can plow through hordes of enemies with sheer force, or a warrior that is not as strong but has early access to magic skills. Since Lords of the Fallen has a relatively easier difficulty than the Dark Souls games, players can just go for the combat style that is the most comfortable to them, instead of spending hours contemplating on what is the best style that will give them the most advantage throughout the game. After choosing the combat style, players can then progress through the game by doing what they normally do in role-playing games: follow the main story by completing objectives, defeating enemies that stand in the way, talking to non-playable characters (NPC), exploring the game world, and doing side-quests. Lords of the Fallen is the perfect game to play when either getting ready to play the Dark Souls games or taking a much needed break from them. Compare gamekeys for Lords of the Fallen here at Game-Key-Fox now and your controller or keyboard will surely be guaranteed its safety from any game-related rage.

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