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One of the best and surprising movies in 2015 was Mad Max: Fury Road, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The movie’s dark and violent theme became such a hit to viewers that some are even calling it the best movie of 2015 before the year is even over! If you are one of those viewers who can’t get enough of Mad Max: Fury Road, then this video game adaptation of the Mad Max movie franchise should definitely be on your to-buy list! Simply titled as Mad Max, this action-adventure video game should not be mistaken as an adaptation of the critically acclaimed 2015 movie nor be considered as a movie tie-in; the game is only based on the movie franchise and is a standalone entity. Mad Max was developed by Avalanche Studios and was published on September 2015 by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for the Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Xbox One platforms.

The gameplay of Mad Max involves a lot of vehicular combat using the titular character’s vehicle named the Magnum Opus. If you are familiar with the Twisted Metal video game series, then you know how vehicular combat plays out. Players can mount an assortment of weapons and armor to the Magnum Opus like cannons, flamethrowers, and spike armors. The game is primarily in a third-person perspective during gameplay, but can switch to a first-person mode when driving the vehicle, not unlike racing simulation games. Mad Max also allows the player to customize the overall appearance of the Magnum Opus like its wheels and paint scheme. Mad Max has a post-apocalyptic open world that players can explore as they go through the game’s story. The non-vehicular combat aspect of the game can be approached by players in either a stealthy manner or in a carnage-all-around approach. Mad Max is an exciting action-adventure video game that carries the spirit that made the Mad Max movie franchise such a hit; compare gamekeys for Mad Max here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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