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In video games, people are sometimes easily swayed by stunning and almost too realistic graphics. And they can’t be blamed since video games are a form of entertainment that primarily focuses on the sense sight, so video games with eye-candy graphics would always get the attention of people. Another way to get the attention of people is to have an addicting and very difficult gameplay, much like the notoriously unforgiving Dark Souls series. Magicite is an example of a video game that has simple, yet colorful, graphics that packs a punch in terms of difficulty. Magicite is a 2D action role-playing game, developed by SmashGames for multiple platforms and was released in 2014. The game garnered very positive reviews on Steam that prove graphics is not just what makes a video game great.

Magicite is visually presented in a simple 2D platformer style and has no real story for players to get involved in. Even if the game were to have an engaging story or narrative, players would probably ignore it because they are too busy getting frustrated due to the game’s difficulty. In Magicite, players traverse through randomly generated dungeons while beating the crap out of enemies. Magicite offers a crafting system that allows players to combine different items in the game to help them in their journey. Although, players can’t just run around and engage every enemy in sight and hope they prevail. If players die in Magicite, they are gone for good. Yes, permanent death is a feature in the game. This sometimes unfair feature forces players to plan ahead and strategize their tactics to avoid restarting the game. Magicite is a challenging game that also offers a multiplayer mode to double the amount of frustration for players, so join in on the “fun” and compare gamekeys for Magicite here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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