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Before the rise of 3D first-person shooter games, 2D side-scrolling shoot ‘em ups were the kings of the shooter scene, widely popularized by Contra. The simplicity of the gameplay, where a player (or players) just progress through the linear environment and blast away at enemies using a variety of weapons, is what makes it stand out. Today, however, game titles in the genre are a bit hard to come by, with most of them relegated to mobile gaming. Aside from Contra, there is another popular brand in the genre that players remember fondly: the Metal Slug video game series. If you are one of those that had a great time, and lots of laughter, with the Metal Slug series, then you are going to have a fun ride with Mercenary Kings. This Kickstarter-funded video game was developed by Tribute Games and was released in 2014 initially for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Sony PlayStation 4 platforms, with a Sony PlayStation Vita release coming soon.

Mercenary Kings plays out like other games in the genre where players are pitted against waves of enemies as they progress through the linear environment. Players fight bosses at the end of maps and can also rescue hostages along the way, much like the Metal Slug series. Mercenary Kings can be played on single-player and multiplayer modes, with a maximum of four players in a local or online game. Unlike the Metal Slug series where weapon upgrades are primarily acquired by rescuing hostages, Mercenary Kings allows players to craft their own weapons and armor, giving the game a bit of a role-playing game element to it. Despite the game being in 2D format, the graphics and sprites in the game are well-detailed enough to please the eyes of players. If you are looking to escape from an especially difficult game and want to have some fun, then grab a copy of Mercenary Kings now! Compare gamekeys for Mercenary Kings here at Game-Key-Fox!

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