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The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are two of the most recognizable works in the world. Their popularity, especially after the film adaptations, have skyrocketed to the point that they need little introduction to the masses, whether they have seen the films or read the books; the mere mention of the titles elicits recognition from practically anywhere. Despite its fans being usually divided between the book purists and the film adaptation fans, one thing that unites their curiosity is the events that bridges The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. And with no movie currently planned that is set within the 60-year gap of the two books, it is up to another medium to once again rouse the imagination of fans. And that is exactly what Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is: a video game that tells a story set after The Hobbit and before the start of The Lord of the Rings.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was developed by Monolith Productions and was released for multiple platforms by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, players control Talion, a ranger that hails from Gondor, as he goes on a vengeful journey to hand out his punishment to those who are responsible for killing his family. However, Talion is not alone in his journey. Talion was spared from dying with his family with the help of Celebrimbor, an elf master smith known for forging the Rings of Power and has been living as a wraith after being killed by Sauron. Talion, after merging with Celebrimbor, has been given access to wraith-like abilities that the players can utilize during combat. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is a critically acclaimed video game that caters to the fans’ need to be enlightened on at least a fragment of what went on between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Compare gamekeys for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor here Game-Key-Fox and revisit the legendary world created by J.R.R. Tolkien!

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