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Murdered: Soul Suspect is a 2014 action-adventure video game developed by Airtight Games that combines elements of a mystery thriller with the supernatural genre. The game was released by Square Enix for the Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 3 and 4, and Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms, garnering positive reviews for its thrilling story and concept along the way. In Murdered: Soul Suspect, players take control of the main protagonist, Detective Ronan O’Connor, who was killed at the beginning of the game by a serial killer and is now out to investigate his killer’s identity while in ghost form before he can complete his transition to the afterlife. Ronan O’Connor will be guided by a fellow ghost, Abigail, into becoming accustomed with his new ghostly abilities as he tracks down the mysterious killer. These abilities include the power to teleport, pass through walls and other obstacles, and possess the bodies of the living.

In Murdered: Soul Suspect, players will be treated with twists and surprises along the way that they might forget they are just playing a game instead of watching a movie or TV show. The gameplay of Murdered: Soul Suspect revolves around the player controlling Ronan O’Connor and navigating him to different areas around the game’s fictional town to find clues about the case. The player will encounter different people, both dead and alive, that will further help them in solving the case. Murdered: Souls Suspect is presented in levels that contain different clues for players to figure out, and players can only move on with the story after they finish each level. Join Ronan O’Connor in his journey to track down the notorious serial killer so he can finally find peace and join his wife in the afterlife; compare gamekeys for Murdered: Soul Suspect here at Game-Key-Fox and start scavenging for clues!

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