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Next up in the NBA 2K basketball simulation game series is NBA 2K15, released in 2014 ahead of the actual start of the 2014-2015 NBA Season. Sports simulation games like these are often criticized for just being the same every year, but the sales numbers of these games would say otherwise. The most obvious difference from each game is the NBA team rosters, updated accordingly to the current state of the actual NBA teams. That in itself is a major draw for gamers, as they get to play their favorite teams with a new look, especially for gamers who watch college basketball and can’t wait to have recently drafted basketball players inserted into the NBA 2K series. With the different player changes for each team, the way you play that specific team will be different from the previous versions: new lineups will require new plays.

The feel of NBA 2K15 will be just like watching an NBA game on TV. The sounds, the commentators and announcers, and even the crowd all give the authentic vibe of an actual NBA game. The gameplay itself is no walk in the park; you don’t just dribble the ball and shoot from anywhere. You will be required to learn the different ways to put the ball in the basket and also prevent the opposing team from doing the same.

Each player has their own unique moves, based directly on the NBA players themselves. The mannerisms, habits, and gestures of each player are all integrated into the game to make it even more realistic. From the shooting stroke to the dribbling tendencies of players, the details of the game are remarkable: they could actually pass for an actual NBA game seen on TV!

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