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Survival video games often have the same objectives, which is to survive the onslaughts of whatever terrible creatures (usually zombies or other forms of the undead) that are roaming the game world. Sometimes, those terrible creatures play as the third party between the two opposing human-controlled characters that are trying to shoot each other down. A survival video game that has players fighting for survival against other players is unheard of. Well, not until Nether came into the picture. Developed by Chicago-based Phospor Games Studios, the game world is also based on the urban setting of Chicago itself, although in a much darker and ravaged state. The game was initially available back in 2013, with the game studio recently resuming work on it after a brief stall in development. The recent update to Nether has given renewed hope to players who have followed it loyally since its inception and can further hope that the game will ultimately be released in its complete form.

The gameplay of Nether is similar to most other survival games where players have to survive creatures that are lusting for blood. Players will have to scavenge the game world for food, supplies, and, most importantly, weapons in order to keep themselves alive. As mentioned above, Nether not only pits players against those ugly-looking creatures but also against players who are similarly trying to stay afloat in the post-apocalyptic city. Players can band together to form a tribe in the game and capture a territory for their own. Players can opt to raid the territories of others, all in the name of survival, assuming that they also have a tribe of their own. This unique survival game offers players the chance to actually feel how the world around them will react in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Compare gamekeys for Nether here at Game-Key-Fox and experience what it takes to survive!

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