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Video games with asymmetrical gameplay are not commonly found in the industry since developers tend to focus more on a single core gameplay element to allow for uniformity in the players’ experience. Even rarer are video games with asymmetrical gameplay that are primarily built for online multiplayer. Most online-focused video games just pit players against other players in a uniform gameplay (mostly shooters) and are only differentiated by their factions. Nosgoth, a spin-off of the Legacy of Kain video game series, is a multiplayer game that has an asymmetrical gameplay consisting of a battle between humans and vampires. Although the game drew raised eyebrows from critics and fans alike for its departure from the elements that defined the Legacy of Kain series, it is nonetheless an intense and action-packed game that delivers on its intended purpose.

Developed by Psyonix and released in open beta version by Square Enix, Nosgoth allows players to play as one of the two races in the game mentioned above: vampires and humans. The players can further assign the race they have chosen into a class, ensuring that the players will have diversity during gameplay. While being a vampire, players can attack humans using melee combat in a hack and slash style, relying more on surprise attacks that define the supernatural creatures in myths and lore. Whereas, humans combat the vampires in a shooter style, viewed in a third-person perspective, and have access to projectile-based weapons. Both races have unique abilities, both active and passive, that players can utilize during combat to tip the sides in their favor. Like other multiplayer games, the popular game mode in Nosgoth is Deathmatch Mode, where players simply try to out-kill the opposing side. Take part in this deadly battle between the bloodthirsty vampires and the resilient humans; compare gamekeys for Nosgoth here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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