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When it comes to simulation games, there is basically an endless list of choices for game developers to focus on. Throughout the genre’s extensive history, players have come across simulation games that range from popular sports simulation games, to the more socially-focused life simulation game, and even to the weird side of things with a goat simulation game. Papers, Please does not belong in those categories. Developed by an independent game developer, Papers, Please is a unique simulation game that puts players in the shoes of a government employee, an immigration officer to be exact. Set in 1982 on a fictional country, the sole task of players in Papers, Please is to process and examine the documents of immigrants who wish to enter the country.

The gameplay of Papers, Please is not as easy as it looks, though. As players process the hopeful immigrants, their performance is also being tracked whether they made a good assessment or missed some key details. The goal of the players in Papers, Please is to keep the country safe from being infiltrated by terrorists, smugglers, or any other unpleasant individuals. The morals of the player will also be put to the test as some applicants will try to enter through bribery. Players are given the choice whether to accept the bribe or not and the result will ultimately lead to other future repercussions in the game like changing the game’s ending. At the end of each workday, players are given a set amount of money based on their performance and, of course, the bribes collected if the player went generously kind to those under-the-table transactions. The money earned in Papers, Please is not just for display, though. Players must spend their hard-earned salaries on basic necessities like food and rent, just like in real life. Experience the pressure of being an immigrant officer by playing Papers, Please; compare gamekeys for Papers, Please here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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