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Pillars of Eternity is a single-player role-playing game (RPG) that was developed by Obsidian Entertainment with the help of a successful crowd-funded campaign on Kickstarter. The game was released by Paradox Entertainment on March 26, 2015 for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux platforms, and subsequently received critical acclaim for its narrative and gameplay. Pillars of Eternity is primarily set in Dyrwood, a nation within the game’s fantasy world of Eora. The player begins the story by setting out to find a solution to a recent plague in the nation that is affecting newborns. The player will meet many characters along the way that can help them on their journey, although there is a limit on how many allies the player can have. These allies are not just generic characters randomly created by the game; they are unique characters that have their own personalities, similar to supporting characters in classic role-playing games.

The gameplay of Pillars of Eternity starts with the player creating their own character. Players can choose the race of their character as well as their class, a common feature in role-playing games. The eleven character classes in the game will give players a hard time in choosing and will add replay value to the game simply for the fact that players will want to experience the game again using a different character. Unlike most role-playing games where the primary source of experience points is by killing enemies, Pillars of Eternity hands out those precious experience points through quests and by exploring the game world. Due to this unusual system, side-quests in the game will be given more focus by the player. Pillars of Eternity brings players back to the classic elements of role-playing games (except, maybe, for that experience system) which will remind them that games don’t have to be extravagant to be successful. Compare gamekeys for Pillars of Eternity here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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