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In video games, stories generally place the player in the role of a hero that must save the world, or whatever is the game’s setting, from destruction at the hands of either a genocidal antagonist or an impending apocalypse-bringing event that will wipe out the population. The player must do everything in their power within the game’s rules to save as much lives as possible, sometimes even sacrificing their own life to do so. Plague Inc: Evolved, however, places the player in the opposite situation. Developed by Ndemic Creations and released for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Xbox One platforms, the primary purpose of the player in Plague Inc: Evolved is to wipe out the world’s population. Yes, you read that correctly: players must accomplish the unimaginable goal of ending millions of lives.

The gameplay of Plague Inc: Evolved, however, does not simply involve players being given access to nuclear-powered missiles or other forms of mass-killing weapons. Players are instead given control to a plague that they must evolve to an unstoppable form and spread it throughout the world. The player must develop the plague’s strength and ability to survive different kinds of conditions, while the humans in the world try their hardest to find a cure to eliminate the plague. The game’s creative gameplay is realistic enough that it was even given the thumbs-up by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The game may not be as action-packed as today’s video games, but it helps in raising the awareness of people when it comes to viruses and epidemics. Be educated with the ways of dangerous diseases and viruses while at the same time enhancing your strategy skills; compare gamekeys for Plague Inc: Evolved here at Game-Key-Fox now and start planning your heartless grand strategy on how to wipe out the human race!

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