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Real-time strategy games are often presented in a top-down view of the game’s map, with sometimes a fog of war effect being implemented at the start of a match. The maps in real-time strategy games commonly focus on a particular limited area or region, depending on the theme of the game (e.g. a city for military-themed games). But what if a real-time strategy game were taken to a grander scale, like on a global scale, perhaps? Well, that is exactly what Planetary Annihilation is. This real-time strategy game, developed by Uber Entertainment, takes the players on a large-scale war that plays out in an entire planet, as in the battlefield will be entire planetary systems instead of just a region on it! The game is also presented in a top-down perspective, but the players will be able to see the entire planet itself as if they are viewing it from above the atmosphere or space. Planetary Annihilation is a game that was developed thanks to a massively successful Kickstarter campaign, becoming one of the few games to receive more than one million dollars in funding through the website.

The aesthetics of Planetary Annihilation is futuristic, with players controlling advanced weaponry and units to wage war across different planets. The main goal, as is in real-time strategy games, is to build an army using the game’s resources and then lead that army towards the annihilation of the opposing forces. Since the battle is on a very large scale, players must plan their strategies accordingly and think of the bigger picture instead of planning for small skirmishes only. To further emphasize the game’s grand scale, players are also given access to weapons that are capable of destroying an entire planet! Planetary Annihilation takes real-time strategy games to a whole new level with its inter-planetary warfare gameplay! Compare gamekeys for Planetary Annihilation here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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