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Portal is one of the most innovative and creative games ever made, introducing a new level of gameplay to puzzle video games that is both challenging and fun. Released back in 2007, Portal received widespread critical acclaim; with the only serious criticism directed at it was its short length. Fortunately for its fans, they didn’t have to wait very long to get a sequel. Portal 2 entered development shortly after the release of the original, with the development team equipped with more personnel and resources to further build upon the mechanics of the first game. Portal 2 was released on April 19, 2011 and, despite its challenging learning curve, also became a massive hit, with most critics praising its dark humor and new gameplay elements. The story of the game takes place years after the events of the original game, with the player once again taking control of the silent protagonist, Chell, who is waking up after being subjected to suspended animation. Also making a return is everyone’s favorite malicious supercomputer, GLaDOS, who survived the events of the original game to once again provide a humorous approach to villainy. Different from its predecessor, Portal 2 now offers a cooperative multiplayer mode where players control two new characters set in the aftermath of the single-player mode’s story.

The core gameplay of Portal 2 revolves around the player primarily using the famed Portal Gun in order to solve numerous puzzles. The Portal Gun allows the player to create two separate points for them to teleport into, giving access to areas they normally wouldn’t reach. The mechanics of the Portal Gun is physics-based, not just some instant teleportation magic frequently seen in movies. Portal 2 is a truly worthy sequel that expands upon its predecessor’s innovative gameplay elements and taking it to the next level to produce one of the best experiences for gamers. Compare gamekeys for Portal 2 here at Game-Key-Fox and jump into the challenging puzzles of the game!

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