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Project CARS is a single-player and multiplayer 2015 racing simulation game that was developed by London-based independent video game developer Slightly Mad Studios. The game achieved completion thanks to crowd-funding assistance (CARS is the acronym for Community Assisted Racing Simulator), with the developers also pitching in using their own money, instead of being financially-backed by a more established video game publisher. Project CARS was distributed worldwide by Bandai Namco Games on May 2015 for the Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4 platforms, with a Linux version currently on the way. Despite the game’s humble beginnings and modest development budget, Project CARS was well-received upon release, with critics calling it a game title worthy of being compared side by side with more popular games in the genre like the Gran Turismo series. The game focuses more on the realism of racing, an aspect that was greatly praised by critics and allowed Project CARS to differentiate itself from other racing simulation games.

Project CARS gives the player full access to all the game’s available cars and tracks from the beginning, unlike most racing simulation games where players must progress through the game first and unlock content along the way via purchases or rewards. This feature allows players to immediately jump into the action using whatever car that pleases them. Project CARS features 74 cars for the player’s perusal and over a hundred race tracks for them to navigate and conquer. As mentioned above, the game was developed to be as realistic as possible, and that feature is most obviously apparent in the game’s dynamic weather and lighting system. Just like in real life, players can be hampered by weather conditions that can cause them to lose a race. Experience a new entry in the racing simulation genre with Project CARS; compare gamekeys here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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