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Pirates (the sea-based kind) are one of the more interesting and entertaining figures in history. With their notorious swashbuckling ways and distinct speech patterns, it is easy to take a liking to them. Unfortunately, their popularity within the culture has not translated much into success in the entertainment industry today, with the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series being the most recognizable and commercially successful brand. Fans of Captain Hook and his pirates from the many adaptations of Peter Pan’s adventure are left to experience the hooked captain on video games instead, most notably in the critically acclaimed Kingdom Hearts series. But don’t lose hope; Raven’s Cry is a single-player action-adventure video game that attempts to cater to the needs of those pirates fans by taking them on a ride to 17th century Caribbean. In Raven’s Cry, players control Christopher Raven as he sets out on the path of carnage to avenge the loved one’s that he lost, with a raven familiar and one nasty hook-mounted hand as their accomplices.

Raven’s Cry is played from a third-person perspective and has role-playing games added to its gameplay. Players can increase Christopher Raven’s attributes and take on side-quests in addition to progressing through the game’s chapter-based storyline. All the actions that the players take have an overall effect on the game world around them. For example, if players employ every essence of the word ‘carnage’ during combat, the other enemies will be overcome by fear and flee instead. Raven’s Cry also features ship-to-ship combat to complete the pirate experience for players. If you’ve played Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, then you know how fun sea battles can be. Sail in the Caribbean and unleash your inner pirate with Raven’s Cry; compare gamekeys for Raven’s Cry here at Game-Key-Fox now and have the pirate adventure you’ve always dreamed of!

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