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If you are getting tired of fighting games and shooter games as a medium for competitive multiplayer battles, there is another genre that might pique your interest: vehicular combat. In this genre, the basic gameplay is for players to choose a vehicle among the available roster, acquire weapons within the game map, and proceed to blast the opposing player (or players) into oblivion. Most of the games in the genre offer pre-designed vehicles that only differ in their special attacks. This limited customization feature mostly works because the drivers of each vehicle are also unique and have their own story for the players to delve into. However, if players want to have full access to the customization of their vehicles and want to play a vehicular combat game just for the sake of destroying other vehicles, then Robocraft is their game. Developed by Freejam Games, the game is still in its development stages and is only currently available in an open-alpha version.

The core gameplay of Robocraft, as explicitly stated in its tagline, is for the players to build vehicles, drive them, and fight other player-controlled vehicles in an online multiplayer battle. The players start out with limited supplies of parts and weapons for their vehicle, but as they receive more Robot Points (acquired through battles), gain experience and increase their level, they are given more options for the customization of their vehicles. Players have free reign in the customization of their vehicles, as long as they don’t breach the limit imposed on them by the game. The limit increases with each level up, so players don’t have to worry about getting too restricted by it. Robocraft is a simple and easy-to-understand video game that will provide lots of competitive multiplayer fun for players, even in its incomplete stage! Compare gamekeys for Robocraft here at Game-Key-Fox and see what lies in store for when the game achieves its completion and eventual full release!

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