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Music video games that focus more on the instruments like the Guitar Hero series and the Rock Band series are often criticized for not actually simulating playing the instruments and instead just make players press buttons in timely fashion according to the prompts in the game screen. Those games sometimes even require video game controllers that are shaped like the real instruments, but the functions remain the same, which is to press and press buttons with great timing. If players want to really experience playing an instrument in a video game, either just for fun or for actual lessons, then Rocksmith 2014 is the go-to game for them. Rocksmith 2014 was developed by Ubisoft San Francisco and was released for multiple platforms on October 2013 (November 2014 for the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One versions). The game acts more like a tutorial video game to help out aspiring guitarists, rather than an entertainment medium like the aforementioned music video game series.

In Rocksmith 2014, player will use actual guitars as their controllers, as in the real thing and not game controllers shaped like one. This is possible by requiring an adapter that allows a lead, rhythm, or bass guitar to be plugged in through a USB port. Players will also be actually playing the instruments in order to play the game, different from the more popular button-mashing music video games. Rocksmith 2014 allows the player to adjust a song’s difficulty according to their skill level; they don’t have to repeatedly complete a song starting from the easiest difficulty in order to unlock the harder difficulties. Rocksmith 2014 allows the player to enjoy good music and learn how to play the guitar at the same time using its library of more than 50 playable tracks! Compare gamekeys for Rocksmith 2014 here at Game-Key-Fox and start your path towards becoming a rock star!

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