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Roguelike video games are one of the most frustrating and rage-inducing experiences that a player can go through in their video gaming lives. The most prominent feature of a roguelike game is the permanent death. Permanent death (or sometimes shortened to ‘permadeath’) in video games is frustrating because you die, well, permanently and lose all your hard-earned progress, and start over from scratch. Imagine spending an entire day carefully traversing through a roguelike game and then just suddenly lose focus and die because you were startled by the sound of thunder. Not very fun, isn’t it? Thankfully, Cellar Door Games found a way to make dying in a roguelike game less frustrating, and even inviting, with its release of Rogue Legacy in 2013. Rogue Legacy is primarily a platform game with added roguelike elements and the game’s graphics is presented in a simple but well-detailed 2D.

The gameplay of Rogue Legacy is just like other platform games where the player must control a character and progress through randomly-generated dungeons, beating enemies along the way, and confronting bosses at the end. Players will have access to equipment and magic skills throughout the game. The difference, however, is with the game’s death feature. Whenever the player’s character dies, they will pass on their equipment, gold, and stats (their ‘legacy’, if you will) onto their successor, which the player must choose from a randomly-generated selection, instead of losing everything and starting all over again. After the player selects the successor or heir and before resuming their adventure, players can use the retained gold to buy new equipment, unlock new character classes, and boosts their new character’s stats. Not bad, huh? So, in a way, death in Rogue Legacy is a necessary element to progress farther in the game. Experience this interesting twist in roguelike games by purchasing a copy of Rogue Legacy now! Compare gamekeys for Rogue Legacy here at Game-Key-Fox!

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