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Survival video games today usually involve the players escaping and hiding from whatever zombie-like creatures or other forms of monstrosities that roam the game world. They place heavy emphasis on combat mechanics, with the survival aspects taking a backseat. There are some games that include crafting of items to add more depth, but the items are usually composed of weapons (usually guns and melee weapons). In that regard, Rust separates itself from other games in the survival genre. Rust is still currently being developed by Facepunch Studios, although an Early Access version of the game has been available on Steam since December 11, 2013 to help in the development of the game and pique the interest of players. Even though the game is still in its alpha state, it received widespread acclaim from critics, and it’s safe to assume that its eventual full release will get the same treatment.

Rust is just an ordinary survival game: no zombies or other virus-infected variations. And that’s where its charm comes. Players are basically placed in the game world and are left to fend for themselves. Imagine being lost in an unknown wilderness with nothing but a stone and a torch to keep you company. That is exactly the premise of Rust. Players will need to scavenge the game world to collect items that will help them in their survival like cloth and wood. They will also need to watch out for their health as they may die of starvation and thirst. And besides attending to the basic needs of a human being, players must also be wary of local wildlife like wolves that are the opposite of being friendly. In Rust, players are allowed to team up with other players to form factions to further boost their chances of survival. Experience how it’s like to be cut off from civilization and be forced to live in an unfamiliar and hostile environment with Rust! Compare gamekeys for Rust here at Game-Keys-Fox now and prepare yourself for the game’s full release, whenever that may be!

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