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So, your character is the President of the United States, the leader of a powerful street gang, and has supernatural powers like creating shockwaves and telekinesis. Sounds like overkill, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly how it is with the player-controlled main character in Saints Row IV, the fourth installment in the action-adventure series Saints Row. The Saints Row series is popularly known for its humor and over-the-top comedy in regards to its story and gameplay (usually through parodies). Saints Row IV keeps with the series’ tradition of not taking itself too seriously, providing fun and entertainment instead of compelling storylines and serious tones. The main objective in the game is for the player to fight off invading aliens, which pretty much summarizes the absurdity of the game. However, this doesn’t mean that the game is shallow. It is precisely for those very reasons that the game, and the entire series, has become successful both critically and financially.

In Saints Row IV, players mainly progress through the game by completing missions. The game, however, does not present a strict and linear structure; players are given complete freedom to roam the game’s world, either by walking or driving vehicles similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. Saints Row IV has plenty of side-missions and other activities not related to the game’s story that the player can participate in. Players can proceed with the main story and objectives whenever they want with no penalties for taking too long to make progress, so the game is as relaxed as it can be. If you want a video game that provides lots of fun and laughter, then definitely buy a copy of Saints Row IV. Saints Row IV was developed by Volition and released by Deep Silver for multiple platforms; compare gamekeys for Saints Row IV here at Game-Key-Fox now and save the world from those nasty aliens!

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