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Serious Sam 4 is an upcoming installment in the first-person shooter video game series Serious Sam that is currently being developed by Croteam, an independent video game developer based in Croatia. Serious Sam 4 was announced on June 2015 and is still currently in the early stages of development, so there is no announced release date yet as of this writing. Croteam has released a bundled packaging of previous games in the series, titled the Humble Bundle, in order to fund the development of Serious Sam 4. Due to the game being in the early stages of development, details about the game have been scant, so fans of the series will have to wait a bit more for a teaser.

Serious Sam 4, like its predecessors, will follow the adventures of its titular character, Samuel Stone, as he shoots his way through extraterrestrial creatures whose ultimate goal is to wipe out the human race from existence. Unlike other games that feature storylines involving aliens or other monstrosities from outer space which have dark and brooding atmospheres, the visuals of the Serious Sam series is on the lighter side of things. Even in older games in the series, the graphics are colorful and vibrant instead of being tinged with shades of darkness (the enemies still look hideous, though). If Serious Sam 4 does not deviate much from the gameplay elements of its predecessors, players can expect the game to be fast-paced and carries familiar scenarios where they are pitted against waves of re-spawning enemies until they reach the end of the map. Waiting for the release of a video game is one of the most excruciating experiences for a gamer, but with Croteam’s track record with the series, players can expect Serious Sam 4 to be every bit worth the wait. Compare gamekeys for Serious Sam 4 here at Game-Key-Fox as soon as it is released!

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