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Are you getting tired of driving simulation games where you get to drive fancy and exotic cars? Or have you had enough of the sound of burning rubber on race tracks and the hum of a precision engine getting ready to blitz off? Then drop those sponsors-littered racing jumpsuits and get ready to plunge your way into muddy and unbalanced terrains with Spintires! Unlike racing simulation games where players usually conquer the game with precision driving, with a bit of style sprinkled in, Spintires places the player in extremely rough situations where the only way to get past them is to tough it out and hope the tires and fuel make it through. Either that or call a friend for help.

Spintires places the player behind the wheel of large, off-road vehicles that they must drive through muddy and unpaved roads, all in the name of delivering a package. Players will encounter a wide range of difficulties on the road that ranges from rock-infested stretches that guarantees a bumpy ride, to a muddy pit that is so deep it almost reaches the vehicle’s doors! And that’s not all that will hinder the player’s trek through the unforgiving terrain. They also have to carefully watch their fuel consumption: if they run out of fuel in the middle of their journey, it’s over. Spintires also does not feature a first-person perspective when driving, or the so-called in-car view. The perspective of the game is in third-person, with the players given complete control of the camera angles around their vehicle. This perspective actually helps the player, since it allows them to survey the landscape in a wider range which gives them the time to prepare for an upcoming rough patch on the road. Get gritty and dirty with this single-player and multiplayer simulation game that was published by Oovee Game Studios for the Microsoft Windows platform; compare gamekeys for Spintires here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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