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Most themes in real-time strategy games (RTS) are either futuristic that involves advanced weaponry and alien races or fantastical that features monsters and magic. Rarely do games in the genre feature humans that are not accompanied by another race, whether as playable characters or hostiles. And that’s where the Stronghold video game series by Firefly Studios differentiates itself by featuring only humans as the playable race (not counting horses mounted for battle, of course). Stronghold Crusader II is the third installment in the series, following 2002’s Stronghold: Crusader. The game was released on September 23, 2014 for the Microsoft Windows platform. The long gap between the two games gave the developers a lot of time to make the third game up-to-date with modern technology, which is obviously apparent in Stronghold Crusader II’s upgrade in graphics. Despite the advancements and upgrades in this new installment, it still retains the core gameplay of the series, so fans don’t have to worry about it being too different.

The Stronghold series is set during historical times when knights and swords rule the battlefield. The player is given the responsibility to develop a kingdom and expand its territory primarily through military conquest. However, in Stronghold Crusader II, the main focus is on the warfare and battle skirmishes, only allowing players to spend a small amount of time on the economic side of things. This change in gameplay allows players to focus more on the barbaric battles instead of worrying about the economic and territorial status of their kingdom, unless it is being threatened by opposing forces. If you like straight-up battles using units from the Medieval Ages, purchasing Stronghold Crusader II should be on the top of your gaming priority list! Compare gamekeys for Stronghold Crusader II here at Game-Key-Fox and ride your horses to victory!

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