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If you are looking for a video game that has an almost endless replay value which you can spend months on, or even years for the more hardcore types, then look no further than sandbox games. Sandbox games are open-ended and give the player so much freedom in their approach to the game that it will actually cause them a bit of dilemma because they can’t decide on how to play the game! Sandbox games are typically designed to have a deep and addicting gameplay that ensures players will be trapped playing the game for a long time. Terraria is an action-adventure video game that perfectly embodies all of the qualities that make a sandbox game, even if it is visually presented in SNES-style 2D that will make the more graphics-inclined gamer to cringe. Terraria was developed by Re-Logic and distributed by three publishing companies, depending on the region. It was released for multiple platforms on May 16, 2011 and was praised by critics for its incredible depth.

Terraria places the player in a world where maps are randomized during exploration, ensuring that players will have different experiences with the game. The things that the player can do in Terraria include, but not limited to, mining and digging for resources, crafting items and equipment through the use of recipes, constructing structures, interacting with non-playable characters (NPC), completing goals or objectives, and, of course, fighting all sorts of enemies. The game’s progress is usually marked after the defeat of bosses to cater to the player’s need to validate that they have indeed made some progress. The gameplay features might lead some players to think that it’s a role-playing game instead, except that is less story-based (a primary ingredient in role-playing games) and more on exploration. Delve into the deep, addicting, and almost endless gameplay of Terraria; compare gamekeys for Terraria here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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