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The Evil Within is a 2014 single-player survival horror video game that is guided by the direction of Shinji Mikami, the creator of the critically and commercially successful Resident Evil video game series. The Evil Within was developed by Tango Gameworks and was released by Bethesda Softworks for the Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 3 and 4, and Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One platforms. The game was praised by critics for its horror elements that can easily induce nightmares for players and cause them to play the game only during broad daylight and with the company of others.

The Evil Within follows the story of Sebastian Castellanos, a police detective, who finds himself in a creepy world after being rendered unconscious while investigating a murder scene at the beginning of the game. The player must survive the horrors of the game by scavenging for items and equipment around the area. The Evil Within gives players access to several types of weaponry like guns and explosives. Although it is up to the player whether they prefer to engage enemies or stealthily avoid them. Like other games in the survival horror genre, further details about the game and the main character are told through a number of collectible documents scattered throughout the game. Whenever the player wants to take a break from all the nightmares, they have a safe house in the form of a mental hospital that they can access primarily by finding mirrors. In the safe house, the player can save the game, upgrade skills, and generally take a breather. If the game title does not say enough about the game’s nature, then a couple of hours into the game will definitely keep players on their toes and a safe distance away from the screen. Be prepared to get scared with The Evil Within; compare gamekeys for The Evil Within here at Game-Key-Fox and make sure you have at least a teddy bear beside you when playing!

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