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The Forest is a single-player and multiplayer survival horror video game that is currently being developed by Endnight Games for the Microsoft Windows and Sony PlayStation 4 platforms. The game has been available in its pre-alpha version as an Early Access title on Steam since May 30, 2014. As its game title explicitly implies, the events of The Forest is set in a forested island which is a notable change from the usual urbanized or post-apocalyptic setting of other games in the genre. This kind of setting primarily affects the player’s sight, especially with the game’s day and night cycle, since the endless population of trees can block them from properly seeing the dangers lurking in the game world. And, of course, the player is not alone in the island. As for company, there are cannibalistic creatures in the island that love to party at night. The players will need to fend off the creatures, usually with the help of fire, and the creatures will similarly defend themselves from the unknown guest.

The gameplay of The Forest revolves around the player creating shelters, hunting local wildlife, and constructing tools for their survival. Players will typically gather supplies during the day and be on the lookout for the aforementioned cannibals during night. The game is non-linear and does not even feature a main objective for the players to follow, giving them the freedom to explore the island as much as they want to. Even in its incomplete state, The Forest holds much promise and potential for players to anticipate its eventual full release (yet to be announced). Jump into the green and lush environment of The Forest and do whatever it takes to survive the daunting forests; compare gamekeys for the pre-alpha version of The Forest here at Game-Key-Fox now and similarly do the same when the completed version comes out!

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