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Thief is a 2014 single-player video game, developed by Eidos Montreal and released by Square Enix, which allows the player to play like arguably the most well-known thief in folklore, Robin Hood, who is notoriously famous for stealing from the rich in order to give to the poor. Well, Thief mainly focuses more on the ‘stealing from the rich’ aspect, hence the very blunt game title. Thief is actually the fourth installment in a stealth video game series, serving as a franchise reboot after 2004’s Thief: Deadly Shadows. As such, the setting of the game takes places prior to the events of the previous games in the series, following the adventures of master thief Garrett in a dark world that screams Victorian and gothic in every corner, perfect for a sneaky thief to party on.

The gameplay of Thief revolves around the player controlling the master thief in completing missions to progress through the story. Players have two ways in approaching missions: the subtler and stealthy way that completely avoids enemy encounters or the less effective way of trying to beat up every enemy within sight that is usually reserved for action games. Being stealthy is, of course, the encouraged method by the game, as evidenced by the ‘Focus Mode’ that supports the master thief’s sneaky ways like giving him enhanced vision to further scout the area. The player is allowed to steal valuable items and money in the game which can be used to buy equipment and other upgrades to make Garrett fully optimized for his foray into the shadows. Live in the shadows and own the dark world of The City, the game’s setting, and sneak your way through oblivious guards with this reboot of the classic series! Compare gamekeys for Thief here at Game-Key-Fox now and set your eyes on those loaded pockets of the rich!

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