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Total War: Attila is a 2015 video game that has combined gameplay elements of turn-based tactics and real-time strategy games. The game is actually part of a long-running series that dates back to 2000, with Total War: Attila being the ninth major installment. The game was developed by The Created Assembly for the Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms. The Total War series is notable for placing players in historical settings where wars and political unrest are the main themes, with more focus on the former as explicitly hinted in the series’ game titles. A new addition to Total War: Attila, where the setting begins in 395 AD, is the ability for players to completely wipe out an entire civilization or settlement without mercy in order to build a new one in place. The feature may be yet the most merciless in the series that is already known for being dark and brutal in regards to the combat aspect. And it shouldn’t be surprising since the historical setting of Total War: Attila is laden with violent skirmishes all in the name of expanding territories. Players can choose to be a part of one of the numerous factions in the game, with additional factions available through Downloadable Content packs (DLC). Religions also play a part in the game, as choosing to be part of a certain religion offers bonuses.

Total War: Attila received very positive reviews from fans of the series and critics alike. Much praise was heaved upon its graphics, engaging music that fits the setting, refined but simple interface, unit management, and its accuracy on historical events. The battles have also been improved thanks to a faster pacing. Total War: Attila is the game you should be playing if you want to experience the very essence of the word ‘war’ in a video game. Compare gamekeys for Total War: Attila here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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