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Total War: Rome II, sequel to 2004’s Rome: Total War, is a single-player and multiplayer strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly and released by Sega. Total War: Rome II is the eight main installment in the Total War video game series (excluding spin-offs), which place the players in a historical setting and must navigate their way through violent wars and deceptive politics. The game is viewed from a typical top-down perspective similar to other strategy games, but thanks to its Warscape game engine it also allows the players to zoom in on the battlefield to get a closer look at the carnage that is playing out. The players will be able to see the individual reactions of the units in the battlefield, from the grimaces that come when seeing allies being taken down, to the battle cry of soldiers who just had their morale boosted, Total War: Rome II brings the player to the heat of the battle like they’ve never experienced before!

Total War: Rome II not only brings the player to the usual field battles that take place in grassy or deserted plains, it also allows them to experience other battle types or scenarios such as land-and-sea battles that takes place in coastal cities, ambushes where the primary objective of the other party is to escape the battle, and river battles where the two sides are divided by a river that hinders head-on assaults. To complete the Total War: Rome II experience, there are numerous Downloadable Content packs (DLC) available for purchase. The DLC packs add additional campaign content, new factions and units. Total War: Rome II is a turn-based and real-time strategy game that is a must-play for fans of both genres! Compare gamekeys for Total War: Rome II here at Game-Key-Fox now and lead your army to victory!

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