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Tower defense games are one of the more challenging and addicting experiences. It develops the planning skills of players by forcing them to strategize their defense at the beginning of enemy assaults, or commonly termed as ‘waves’. The players have ample time to survey the types of incoming enemies, build their defense mechanisms and traps, and just watch in anticipation how their contraptions will hold up against the horde of enemies falling in line. Now, imagine if that restrictive element is lifted from the gameplay. The creative result of such imagination would be SuperVillain Studios’ independent video game Tower Wars. Tower Wars (not to be confused with the genre name) is a strategy video game that mixes the elements of classic tower defense games with the frantic and fast-placed gameplay of real-time strategy games! And that’s not all; in Tower Wars you don’t have AI-controlled minions as enemies: you are also playing against human-controlled units!

Tower Wars places the player in a hexagonal grid-littered map where they must build and construct their structures and deploy units in real time using in-game currency, with the ultimate goal of laying waste to the opposition’s castle. The tower defense gameplay mechanics are similar to other games in the genre which allows players to position their beloved towers in strategic positions and can upgrade them as necessary. In Tower Wars, you are no longer fighting against preset enemies that only have a singular purpose on the battlefield; you are now up against an opponent (or opponents) who also know the mechanics and strategies of the genre! Tower Wars seamlessly incorporates gameplay elements of two genres that produce an overall satisfying experience for players! Experience this exciting take on the tower defense genre; compare gamekeys for Tower Wars here at Game-Key-Fox now and build that perfect defense!

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