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Transistor is a 2014 single-player action role-playing game that was developed by Supergiant Games, a California-based video game development company, and was released for the Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Sony PlayStation 4, and iOS platforms. Transistor was well-received by video game critics and was serenaded with multiple award nominations by different gaming publications, most notably for the game’s beautiful music or soundtrack as well as the visuals and art design of the game. Transistor’s setting and aesthetics is in the science fiction category, where players follow the journey of Red, a singer in the fictional Cloudbank City, as she is thrown into an adventure against a villainous group called the Camerata. By Red’s side is the badass-looking, greenish sword indicated in the game’s title: the Transistor. Red’s voice, which is her main asset, was also lost and trapped inside the Transistor, along with the voice of a mysterious man whom Red has found dead at the beginning of the game. With the guidance of the man’s voice, it is up to Red (and the player) to get to the bottom of the game’s plot.

Transistor is viewed from an isometric perspective, relatively uncommon in action role-playing games where third-person perspective is the most prevalent. The main task for the player in Transistor is to go from each location and beat up everything that stands in the way in a fast-paced and real-time combat, all in the name of storyline progress, which is in line with other games in the genre. Players can also acquire new powers from the poor souls who have fallen victim to the game’s robotic enemies called the ‘Process’, who are deployed by the Camerata. Swing that awesome-looking Transistor and follow Red in her muted journey; compare gamekeys for Transistor here at Game-Key-Fox now and regain Red’s lost voice!

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