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Trials Fusion is a 2014 racing video game that allows the player to experience the bumpy and extreme motorsports commonly termed as ‘motorcycle trials’ or ‘observed trials’. This motorsport is different from those high-powered MotoGP events where the drivers race around a flat course and win by using sheer speed. In motorcycle or observed trials, the players must also navigate and conquer obstacles that are present around the track as they race towards the finish line. For such an uncomfortable ride, the drives also don’t have the luxury of having seats on their motorcycles and must endure the punishment by standing up on their bikes! This motorsports is definitely not for the faint-hearted, so thank the heavens there is Trials Fusion to keep players from getting a single bruise (unless they manage to injure themselves by falling off the sofa or couch while playing the game).

The gameplay of Trials Fusion is similar to its predecessors where the players must control their riders in navigating courses littered with all sorts of obstacles in a platform-style 2D plane, meaning the game only allows a forward and backward movement. Trials Fusion also retains the in-game map editor that allows players to design their own tracks if they are getting tired of the game’s predesigned selections. Trials Fusion brings two new additions to the series that is sure to keep fans hooked: the ability to perform stunts while in mid-air and the ability for players to ride all-terrain vehicles (ATV) in place of the motorcycles! The former allows players to have more fun on the tracks, especially for the more challenging ones, while the latter gives players a different feel for the game by driving four-wheeled style, if only for limited instances! Don’t miss out on this installment in the critically praised extreme sports video game; compare gamekeys for Trials Fusion here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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