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In construction and management simulation (CMS) video games, the primary goal for the player is to build and develop their own civilization or settlement. They must construct the buildings and structures, provide the energy resources, and manage the economy to keep their citizens happy. In most games in the genre, the governance system is mostly non-existent and not given much focus. Whenever the citizens are not happy with the way things are playing out, they only do minimal and peaceful things like moving out of the settlement without any kind of trouble. But the Tropico video game series changes that. Playing as a dictator, the Tropico series gives more focus on the political aspects of gameplay and has very dire, and sometimes violent, consequences whenever the players mess up in their rule. Examples of scenarios if the in-game citizens or factions are not happy with the player’s decisions: getting voted out of office, getting raided by grumpy rebels, and even getting a coup d’etat from the army! The Tropico video game series forces players to be more careful of their decisions and not just succumb to whatever whim they can come up with in their rule!

Tropico 5 is the 2014 installment in the series, developed by Haemimont Games for multiple platforms. Tropico 5 holds the distinction as the first in the series to offer multiplayer, both cooperative and competitive, as well as the first to allow the player to progress the game across different eras that will enable them to build a political dynasty! For the multiplayer feature, the players are placed in a single landmass and can either work together to build a superpower or fight against each other for dominance! Experience the most exciting installment yet in the popular dictator simulation video game series; compare gamekeys for Tropico 5 here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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