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One of the most intriguing, and sometimes controversial, questions ever raised was: are there other life forms out there in the vast universe that are comparable to us? In short: do aliens exist? But the more pressing and important question actually is, what on Earth are we going to do if they really do exist and suddenly decide to pay us a visit with the intention to wipe us all out from our home world? It’s both a scary and exciting thought. Scary because, well, it’s a freaking alien invasion, and exciting because it gives us hope that such an occurrence may finally be the reason that will unite all of humanity under one umbrella. The exciting aspect is exactly what XCOM: Enemy Unknown brings to the players, the chance to see our world become united for one cause.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a reboot of the XCOM series featured during the 1990s which follows a team of the most highly-skilled troops ever organized by humankind, the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit or XCOM for short, to combat and fend off a global alien invasion. XCOM: Enemy Known, which combines elements of turn-based tactics and tactical role-playing games, was developed by Firaxis Games for multiple platforms. The gameplay of XCOM: Enemy Unknown revolves around the player controlling up to six units on the map (presented in an isometric view) and attempt to take out all the aliens and fulfill the general objectives in order to progress the game. Between missions, players can use the time to research and create new technologies to help them in the cause. The game also has a multiplayer mode that allows the players to instead engage in skirmishes against each other using both humans and aliens. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a critically acclaimed reboot that ensures it will keep its loyal fans as well as adding new ones! Compare gamekeys for XCOM: Enemy Unknown here at Game-Key-Fox now!

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